My Favorites From 2016

Holy moly. I cannot believe it's the first of the new year. 🙀 Like most new years, I am so excited about everything that is to come in the next 12 months -- June's 2nd birthday, our new business opening, new traditions, and travel, and pool memberships, and meals on our new back deck, and time with family and a string of endless opportunities to slow down, enjoy the moment, and love those closest to me well.

As I scrolled back through the last year of my blog this afternoon, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy. If you're relatively new here, you probably don't know that I was a wedding photographer with a large blog following for 7+ years. It's only been in the last year that I've stepped away from weddings (🎉) to focus on my job as the Creative Director at walk in love., and spend more time with my family, thus leading me to blog about my personal life. And I am so, so grateful that I did.

Besides the fact that I have a pretty terrible memory, so photographing things actually helps me remember what's happened in my life 😂, it was so awesome to scroll through the pages and see the things that I love show up time and time again -- T.J. + June, my house, food, and creativity. It has been such a fun "1st year of blogging" and I cannot to wait to share all of the things I have on my list for 2017 with you.

Below, I've compiled a post with some of my favorite posts from all of 2016 - just click the underlined text if you'd like to see the original post in full. 😎 In no particular order... here goes:

2016: The year of front porch living.

2016: The year we basically only ate snack trays. #notjoking

2016: The year of our kitchen remodel!!

2016: The year I spent in my new kitchen -- making all the things, and eating a lot of deviled eggs. Like, a lot.

2016: The year we ate sweet potato fries 100 times.

2016: The year we ate these cookies... 100 times. 😳

2016: The year we finally started a garden!

2016: The year June was a kangaroo for Halloween, and melted everyone's hearts.

2016: The year I simplified almost everything -- including my beauty routine.

2016: The year June tried her first cake pop.

2016: The year in which I was no longer embarrased for our bedroom.

2016: The year I took time to actually make things.

2016: The year I made a frame, and thus I printed one photo for our home. 😂

2016: The year we got family photos taken!

2016: The year we did Christmas cards with said photos. #whatareweadults?!

2016: The year June was 10x more stylish than I was.

2016: The year we made our house feel even more like home.

Thank you for following along, reading my posts, trying my recipes and posting your #snacktrayz photos for me to see on Instagram. It's been such a fun year! Cheers to 2017!