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Happy 30th to... ME! | The Butterfly Atrium

Happy 30th to... ME! | The Butterfly Atrium


About two weeks ago, on October 7th, I turned 30. FREAKIN' 30! That's nuts. Thirty years. Did I say that already? I turned THIRTY. Actually, I'm truly not bothered by it at all. The older I get the more I appreciate my age and what it means to me.

The weekend before my birthday, T.J. and I had the pleasure of staying at The Hershey Hotel for two days. However, it was rainy most of that weekend, so we didn't get to use our free Hershey Gardens + Butterfly Atrium tickets. Thankfully they were valid for an entire week, so we went back on my birthday!

We started off our morning inside the newly renovated Butterfly Atrium! It was beautiful and June really enjoyed it. As hundreds of butterflies flew around, she'd point to them and go, "Wooooooooow." It was so precious. She was also equally interested in sticking her hands in the little stream as she was in the butterflies themselves. You do you, Junie.

Several times we had butterflies land on us, which is so magical to see them up close like that. In fact, you have to be checked out in a room full of mirrors before you leave the atrium, to make sure you don't take any with you!

Also, June's little ponytail. I can't handle the cuteness.

I had thought about taking June earlier this spring, but am so glad we waited until this fall. She's loving all things animals right now and kept pointing to the trees and flowers too, taking it all in.

After we finished our time inside the Butterfly Atrium, we wanted to take a little more time before June's nap, so we wandered around The Children's Garden for a few minutes. Well, T.J. and I wandered, June sprinted from place to place. 😂

June's been teething hard for months now, working to get her 2 year molars through a bit early. Which is pretty obvious, since her fingers are in her mouth in every other photo these days!

I'm so glad we took a little morning day trip to the gardens as a family to commemorate my 30th. The rest of my birthday day was spent with family, sipping iced coffees on our front porch in the sun, and at our local town fair eating funnel cakes and french fries with friends.

Junie the Kangaroo

Junie the Kangaroo

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