Junie the Kangaroo / by Brooke Courtney

Target does it again. This kangaroo costume is so incredibly cute. And though it took some serious convincing, coupled with a LOT of clapping and praise to get June into it - it was worth it! 😍 T.J. and I helped June get dressed about 30 minutes before the neighborhood trick-or-treating began, and our wonderful neighbors brought out their baskets of candy for June to snack from. Last year, June was only 7 months old at Halloween, so we put her in a cute "Bootiful" onesie, but that was the extent of it. This year though! We were ready! However, in typical fashion, June wasn't sure about it at first..... 😂

It took her a good three minutes to actually shuffle her way over, about four feet in distance, to their candy. And once she finally picked out a piece, THIS was her face. "Don't watch me, OKAY?!"

Oh my word, we were DYING. 😂 Bless her. But, once she realized what was inside the chocolate wrappers, she warmed up quite quickly.

With half a Twix in her system, she was feeling GOOOOOD, and starting sprinting down the sidewalk, kissing her baby-roo on top of the head, and jumping up and down at our request.

Then we crosssed the street to see June's BFF, Clara, who was dressed as a cupcake. The two girls sat on the steps and tugged on one another's costumes, while us adults shoveled pizza into our faces that was just delivered, nice and hot, to the door! #pennstreethalloweentraditions

At one point June popped up from the steps, as if she'd suddenly remembered her costume had a pouch with candy in it. She was so excited she started kissing baby-roo on the head again. 😂

We get a lot of trick-or-treaters on our block (like hundreds), so Junie spent the rest of the night sitting on T.J.'s lap, helping to hand out the candy from our house. She loved seeing everyone's colorful costumes and meeting the little kids. It was such a fun night that we're already looking forward to next year. 😊