Cat Scratches & Cake Pops / by Brooke Courtney

Sweet little June had a rough start to her day. 😂 Not only did she shut her own head in the bathroom door, minutes later one one of our cats scratched her pretty good! Needless to say she was feeling all the feels. I had a long list of things to get at Target and took her with me, where she rode around and pointed to every single "kitttttyy" and "puupppp-pup" on the pet food bags and smacked her lips 400 times while rolling down the cracker and cookie aisle. 😂 After we went through checkout, I got myself a coffee at the Starbucks and purchased her a cake pop to try, hoping it would make her day a little better. And boy did it work! She was pumped up. It was so precious how excited she was about it.

Isn't she so stinking cute! After a few minutes of enjoying her cake pop, she crawled all the way underneath the benches outside of Target, dragging her cake pop along the cement as she went. She was really proud of herself for figuring out she could go underneath the bench.

Headband: Love, Amalie Maren | Ice Cream Cone Tee: Little Babe Designs | Skirt & Shoes: Baby Gap