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Working At Work (V2)

The time has come for Volume II of our Working At Work blog series. While prepping this blog I noticed a few things I'd like to point out.

+ Amber and I own the same orange-red H&M skirt. AWESOME.

+ Amber, Maddie and I all wear this same orange-red color, a lot. Still awesome.

+ Jeff's bridal party shots are always incredibly epic looking.

+ T.J. has more weird photos than anyone on our team. Hands down.

It's fun to try and match up these behind-the-scenes photos with the actual images being taken at the time. Most of the sessions below have aleady been blogged. Sometimes I'll look at a photo of Jeff or Amber working and then say "Whoa!! They were standing THERE for that photo!? Who knew!?"

Happy Thursday everyone! Let us know you're favorites!

Ryan + Laura

Tyler + Kaddie