Dave + Sarah

A few weeks ago, Dave + Sarah hosted a gorgeous backyard wedding, at the home of Sarah's parents. Something that I loved about their day was the fact that the attention was toward the importance of their union moreso than the day itself. The joy that Dave + Sarah showed for one another was endearing. When it came time for the reception, Dave was very eager to showcase some of his favorite recipes. The photos below do no justice to how delicious his food was. Dave is a remarkable chef and anyone who knows him can attest to his food being nothing short of fantastic. It was such a joy to celebrate with Dave, Sarah and their wonderful families. They welcomed us into their beautiful home and showed so much love toward what we love to do most, capture the best day of people's lives. -Jeff

Rico + Kristin

Rico + Kristin have one of the cutest stories ever. They met because of their dogs! Each owning their own, they would take them to the same park every day. The second they met, Rico and Kristin were forced to become friends. And from there, the rest is history, two sets of best friends. After photographing their engagements last fall, I anxiously awaited their big day! Rico + Kristin celebrated at the Cork Factory in Lancaster City and it was definitely a party. It was so much fun capturing their reception, as the celebrating seemed to never end. I absolutely adore their love story and it was beyond a blast capturing the day. Here are my favorites! -Jeff 

Brian + Kristan

Today I bring you another addition to the "mega weekend" wedding collection. Brian + Kristan were my third wedding of the weekend in early October and their day was beautiful. Shooting at Congress Hall is always a pleasure since everything, including the beach, is so close by! Brian + Kristan were incredibly sweet and you could feel the excitement from their family and friends in the air.

One of my favorite things Kristan did was get the same wedding ring/band that both her Mom and Grandmother have. She kept it a surprise from her Mom and I love the image of her seeing it for the first time.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from their day! -Brooke

Christian + Alison

The Farm at Eagle's Ridge has quickly become one of my favorite venues in Lancaster. Weddings there are beautiful and simple! I'm so glad Christian + Alison chose the Farm for their wedding day. And it was such a joy getting to know the two of them on their day. What a kind, sweet, bubbly and fun couple! I normally ask grooms how nervous they were for their first look. On a 1-10 scale, most grooms seem pretty relaxed and say a low number. Christian quickly admitted that he was nervous. But the second he saw his bride, I could see all of that evaporate. Another reason why first looks are amazing! Alison wore her mother's dress beautifully and the pride that she showed because of it was admiring. I was so happy to celebrate with both of their families and I'm so excited for them to have these photos for life. Here are some from that beautiful fall day a few weeks ago. -Jeff


Tory + Stephanie

A few weeks ago, I got to be part of something that I never imagined I'd ever witness: a SURPRISE wedding. Yep, you read that correctly. Tory, with the help of friends and family, planned a proposal AND wedding for Stephanie... without her knowing. Early in the morning, my fiancée Liz and I were camping out in front of a white gazebo overlooking the Schukylkill River in Philadelphia. We waited for Tory + Stephanie to come at 11AM, when Tory was scheduled to propose to her. I honestly think I was more nervous for his proposal than I was for mine! They appeared a few minutes after 11 and Tory dropped to one knee and asked for Stephanie's hand. Of course she said yes! But Tory had much more planned. He walked over to the end of the gazebo, where family and friends were down below. He explained that he had a second ring for her and pointed toward the river. They would be getting married at 1PM! She was shocked, excited, and in a daze. The photos below show it. Her mother had picked out three dresses and three pairs of shoes for her to choose from. I tucked myself inside the restaurant's tiny women's bathroom with Tory, her mother and a handful of friends as they helped her make her selections and get ready for her wedding. One of the most wonderful stories to come from the day was learning that Stephanie's grandfather had been able to be there to marry them. Stephanie was so overjoyed to see him and to have him share this remarkable moment with her. I took Tory + Stephanie for a short walk to take some portraits and Tory shared stories of how the plan was almost ruined. When they arrived, the valet asked "are you here for the wedding?" and Tory quickly hushed him. Stephanie had admitted that she wasn't interested in the idea of planning a wedding, but had a strong desire to just be married! I asked Tory if there was even a sliver of worry in his mind and he quickly said zero. What a day to be a part of and definitely a moment I will never ever forget. It was such a blessing to see this plan work flawlessly and to share it with their families. I can easily admit that I've never seen smiles so big in my entire life. -Jeff


Kevin + Elizabeth

Kevin + Elizabeth tied the knot in Elizabeth's Aunt's backyard on a beautiful September evening. Both Kevin + Elizabeth had been living in South Africa up until the week of their wedding. It was really cool to see their families pull together and put together a beautiful wedding for the lovely couple. I had to laugh when I ran downstairs to grab Elizabeth's flowers just before their first look and upon handing the bouquet to Elizabeth she said, "Oh wow! These are beautiful. I had no idea what they were going to look like, everything is a surprise!" I also loved how Elizabeth wore her beaded ankle cuffs under her dress as a little tribute to South Africa!

Enjoy some of my favorite images! -Brooke

Anthony + Mandy

Anthony + Mandy wanted to throw a party to celebrate their love and thankfulness for having two great families. During the reception, both spoke to every guest and sincerely thanked them for being a part of their day. They were thinking beyond their day being just a wedding and more like a celebration of life. Photographing portraits on the historic battlefields of Gettysburg was an awesome experience and I hope I get to do it again. It was such a pleasure getting to know Anthony + Mandy over the past year and a bigger pleasure to capture their wedding day. -Jeff


John + Amy

I'm pretty sure Amy was one of the happiest, smiliest (is that a word?) brides we've ever shot. It was amazing. John + Amy's day was nothing short of wonderful. The sun was out, there were flowers everywhere and John + Amy were incredibly happy to be celebrating their big day with their friends and family. I adore the bride and groom shots we grabbed on the lawn right as the sun was setting. The warmth is fantastic!

Enjoy some of my favorite images below! -Brooke

Scott + Jennie

Scott + Jennie's celebration was one of three weddings that Kristen and I shot in a row, in New Jersey, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off "Mega Weekend!" I absolutely loved shooting at Bonnet Island Estate in Long Beach Island. Their property was beautiful and I would shoot there any day. Jennie started her day by getting ready with her girls upstairs, while the guys stood in a semi circle downstairs and talked about business. Scott surprised Jennie by giving her a bracelet that matched her wedding rings and Jennie surprised Scott with tickets to the Eagles vs Cowboys game.

By 5:00 in the evening, the little wooden chapel on the estate was filled with family and friends and loads of sunlight. After the ceremony, I shot all portraits (family, bridal party and bride/groom) in 18 minutes, because the sun was setting SO FAST.

One of my favorite parts of the reception was when they followed "family tradition" for the song Dancing On The Ceiling and held someone upside down so they could actually "dance on the ceiling." It was amazing and I'm planning to steal the tradition. Oh! And there was a flashmob right after the speeches. Also amazing.

Enjoy my favorite images from their wedding and leave comments to let me know which ones you love the most! -Brooke