Ryan + Laura

This weekend Brooke, Maddie and I had the honor of being a part of Ryan and Laura's wedding in West Chester.  I know Brooke will talk about the day more when she posts their wedding photos so I will just speak briefly about Ryan, Laura and their two families.  First of all it is always an honor to be a part of anybodies wedding.  Brooke and I love it.  We love that we can be involved in these monumental joyous occasions filled with love, personality and fun.  I remember when Ryan originally called me to talk about wedding photos.  I got off the phone and said to Brooke, "I think we could be pretty good friends."  He was really easy to talk to and really excited about his wedding day which made us really excited about it.  After spending this past weekend with Ryan and Laura, shooting their rehersal dinner and wedding my feelings were confirmed.  They were such great people from two great families.  Brooke, Maddie and I were treated with love and respect all day.  Laura's brother and his date even asked Brooke and I to put down our cameras and dance for one song, which meant so much to us.  We felt honored to be a part of their day.  Here are my favorite images from the Smilebooth! Thanks for being so awesome Ryan, Laura and families! -T.J.

To see all the photos from the night please visit smilebooth.com!