Tyler + Kaddie

So, it seems to be a recurring theme lately that when I get out of my car to meet someone for photos I instantly go, "I know this person?!?!" With T.J. handling all of our emails and client relations (which, by the way, he's amazing at), I don't always know that I know the client ahead of time. But, once again, as soon as I saw Kaddie I knew she had to be related to someone I used to run track with. And sure enough she is, they're sisters! I knew her sister Jenna in high school and remember running track workouts with her. (Eh! Track workouts... just thinking about them makes me sore.)

Tyler + Kaddie met in elementary school... and the rest is history! I believe they started dating in middle school and have been together ever since. They were precious together and shooting their engagements has made T.J. and I that much more excited for their wedding next May!

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