Alex + Gabbi

As the Northeast is admist one of it's coldest winters ever, Alex, Gabbi and I lucked out with one of the warmest days this season! The temperature peaked at a "warm" 45 degrees as we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Marsh Creek State Park. There is a gigantic lake inside the park, which was completely frozen over. It was the perfect backdrop to set the scene for this wintry session. We talked about wedding plans, spilt hot chocolate all over each other and enjoyed plenty of laughs. I'll be photographing their wedding early in 2015, something I'm looking forward to very much! -Jeff


Joel + Rachel

People who show excitement for life are inspiring. Joel + Rachel are the epitome of life enthusiasts. It's such a joy to spend time with people who really care about photography and the art that I love to produce. And about life! We spent a lovely afternoon traveling across Lancaster City a few weeks ago and lucked out with a beautiful day! After sharing some cider at the Prince Street Cafe, wandering around a local garage, we headed to the beautiful Farm at Eagle's Ridge. With perect timing, we arrived just as the sun was perfectly setting behind the lake. I'm so thankful to meet Joel + Rachel, and beyond anxious to celebrate with them next year! -Jeff

Taylor + Kelsey // Engaged!

Last night something amazing happened! My younger brother (and only sibling) proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Kelsey, and I couldn't be happier for them both. Kelsey has felt like family since day one and I am so freaking excited to help with their wedding and future plans!!!

I started out at my parent's house yesterday afternoon where Taylor was literally just sitting around waiting. He was both excited and nervous. It was hysterical. He kept laying in different rooms, shuffling cards, texting people and looking at the ring really, really closely to make sure it was super clean. The photos of him waiting might be my favorites.

Once it was time to head to the mall, where Kesley works, I jumped in the car with Taylor... where we chatted about our feelings towards to new Katy Perry record, predictions on whether or not Kelsey would cry, and which emoji I would text him to say "We're in place, we're ready!" without actually saying that, just in case Kelsey saw his phone.

We got to the mall and went our separate ways. T.J. and I jumped into Tess's car (who was working at the walk in love. store at the time) so we could park right in front of Kelsey's house and she wouldn't suspect anything or recognize our vehicle. Taylor headed in the other direction to meet Kelsey inside the mall and casually suggest that they should go out for sushi! 

Within 10 minutes of Kelsey's shift ending at work, T.J. and I were in place, cameras in hand, parked right in front of her house. I was laying in the back seat and T.J. had his hood up in the front seat so they wouldn't see us. We were so nervous. Every car that drove by we were certain it was them and instantly felt like we had to pee. Once they actually arrived and got out of their car, we snuck out the back side of our car and waited for Taylor to finish his lovey-dovey speech about how he saw her for the first time on her front porch, etc. The second he reached for the ring and got down on one knee, we sprinted down the street and up the driveway to capture the moment. Kelsey was so surprised and so happy. It was awesome. I think I was shaking just as much as they were. I'm actually quite surprised these images are in focus. (And way to go Mrs. Harley! Your porch looks lovely!!)

Within minutes we were all inside the Harley's house, hugging and Facetiming and re-telling the story from everyone's perspectives.

And then, naturally, just before the sunset, I shoved everyone outside for group and family photos. The sunlight in their backyard was perfect! I am so happy I was able to capture these images for them to have forever.

And then we stood outside and talked about everything all over again... cause it was really exciting.

And to Taylor + Kelsey - T.J. and I are so incredibly happy for you both. Marriage is wonderful. You're going to love it. -Brooke

PS. We did try to take video of the actual proposal happening... but it's mostly just 16 blurry seconds of my butt running in front of T.J.'s camera and T.J. breathing really heavy. So.... that won't see the light of the internet anytime soon. Butt who knows..... Ha. See what I did there?

Kyle + Danielle

I am so happy to be sharing the beautiful, windy engagement photos of Kyle + Danielle. It was so wonderful getting to meet them and their little dog last week. Both Kyle + Danielle were great in front of the camera and I'm already super excited about their wedding next October. It's going to be awesome! -Brooke

Kyle + Carley

When Carley e-mailed me about the possibility of photographing her engagement photos on her family's farm, I was thrilled! Some of the words used were meadow, overgrown creek and nice big trees. I was sold. Pennsylvania had just been hit hard with a four day rain storm and we were getting worried about the shoot not happening. Magically, the rain stopped and the sun bursted through the gray clouds that kept us all gloomy for days. After some time in the soy bean field, we put on some boots and trekked through the creek to visit some of the beautiful trees. We couldn't stop laughing as the rubber boots proved to be no match for the height of the water. Kyle saved the day and carried Carley through, her knight in shining armor! Afterwards sharing some warm cider, we took a short drive and walked through a peach tree farm that luckily had the sunset peaking from behind. As we headed back to the farm, we shared excitement about celebrating their wedding next Spring! I absolutely cannot wait to photograph it. -Jeff


Jordan + Katie

Jordan + Katie have been dating since Middle School! How cool is that? I just love hearing stories like that. The three of us walked around some of my favorite places in town and just shared stories about life and relationships. They drove from over two hours away and I was so honored to hear that. The fact that people will drive from long distances to allow me to photograph them is amazing! It was a pure joy to hang out and get to know Jordan + Katie and I'm so excited to be at their wedding in Gettysburg next year! -Jeff

Geoff + Alysia

Geoff + Alysia recently bought a house in Lancaster City, so they thought it would be the perfect place for their engagement photos. I couldn't have agreed more! We took a walk behind the Fulton Theater, around Central Market and then found ourselves on top of the Prince Street garage! The sun had just started to set, which made for some great light. It was so much fun to spend a beautiful fall evening with them. Here are some of my favorites from our session! -Liz

Joe + Emily

I met Joe + Emily through Emily's mom Lisa, who just so happened to be my favorite fifth grade teacher! When Emily contacted me I knew we would get along so well. Joe + Emily are lots of fun and their chemistry is undeniable. That makes my job super easy! We met at Lisa's house and explored the fields that surrounded it. I had a blast talking about their wedding plans and I am really looking forward to being a part of their big day next September! -Liz

Ryan + Kaila

I cannot express enough how much I love it when people not only choose the location for their portaits, but when it really means something to them! I had the priveledge of shooting Ryan + Kaila's engagement photos at Ryan's family farm. There were horses, long dirt paths, happy dogs running around, beautiful barns and loads of sunlight. Kaila looked beautiful in her lace dress and boots, and Ryan couldn't keep his eyes off her.

We walked around their property for 30 minutes or so, shooting here and there, and chatted about the rodeos they used to host and wedding plans. We ended our session by taking a ride down to the edge of their property to catch the sunlight. Their family dog raced along side the cart and was having the time of it's life following us around.

I am thrilled that Ryan + Kaila chose us to be their wedding photographers... it's going to be great! -Brooke