Taylor + Kelsey

This blog post has been a long time coming! My younger, and only, brother Taylor started dating Kelsey years ago. We all liked her from the very beginning. So, naturally we were super pumped when he popped the question (which you've got to check out HERE) last fall. Ever since that day on her parent's front porch, Kelsey and I have been dreaming and scheming about their wedding day. Kelsey and I put a lot of time into planning and designing their big day and I can honestly say everything turned out even better than I'd imagined. The plan was for it to be a "mid-century-modern-confetti-exploding-dance-party" ... and that's exactly what we got.

I could go on and on about Taylor + Kelsey and how much we love them, and how hard Kelsey worked on every detail, and how much fun their day was - but I'd really like to get to the awesome photos. Their wedding day was a team effort between Jeff, Liz and myself. I'm so glad I have such talented photographers to work along side of me on super important days like Taylor's.

Last, but certainly not least, Taylor is a DJ - The Electric Gentleman - so, he created the dance mix for their reception. It was so much fun. I felt like the photos weren't quite doing justice to JUST how bananas the dancing was... so I added a little something extra, just for fun.

Tune in tomorrow for a blog of the Smilebooth photos from their day! In the meantime, leave comments - I always love to know which ones are your favorites! Enjoy! -Brooke

 photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-3.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-4.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-5.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-2.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-6.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-7.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-8.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-9.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-10.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-11.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-12.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-13.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-14.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-15.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-16.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-17.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-18.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-19.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-20.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-21.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-22.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-23.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-24.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-25.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-26.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-27.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-28.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-29.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-30.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-31.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-32.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-33.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-34.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-35.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-36.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-37.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-38.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-39.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-40.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-41.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-42.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-43.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-44.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-45.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-46.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-47.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-48.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-49.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-50.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-51.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-52.jpg photo taylorkelseypackitup.gif photo taylorkesleyselfie.gif photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-53.jpg photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-55.jpg photo taylorkelseybloggangnam.gif photo taylorkelseybeatit.gif photo brookecourtney_taylorkelsey-54.jpg photo taylorkelseyblogpokemon.gif photo taylorkelseyblogcallmemaybe.gif