Ian + Beth

Last year T.J. and I traveled to Boston to meet Ian + Beth and shoot their engagements. We had such a good time walking around the city with them and their dog, and I was certain that their wedding day would be just as enjoyable as they are.

Several weeks ago T.J. and I drove to Penn State for the wedding celebration of Ian + Beth and ask expected - it was a wonderful day. Their ceremony was one of the most joyful ones I've ever been a part of. People were practically cheering when she came down the aisle. It was awesome.

Since both Ian + Beth, and most of their bridal party, are Penn State Alumni, we spend most of their portrait time driving all around campus to the different places they wanted photos at. It was such a fun group. We ended their portraits in the stadium just as the sun was setting! And the best part was that Coach Franklin happened to be on the field at that time with several new recruits and they all yelled "Congrats!" to Ian + Beth and then started the "WE ARE!" "PENN STATE" chant. I'm certain that was a super memorable moment for the newlyweds.

I'm so grateful for fun and happy couples like Ian + Beth. They make my job even more enjoyable! Enjoy!

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