Jay + Blythe

I had been looking forward to Jay + Blythe's wedding for months. I shot their engagements last summer and knew right then and there that their wedding day would be so easy to photograph. Jay + Blythe met in 9th grade and were dating by 12th grade - and two or so years after that, Jay popped the question with a custom made pearl engagement ring.

Their wedding was so laid back and natural - the perfect summery, woodsy, vibe. Blythe made her bouquet and the boutonnieres, along with countless other details. Blythe's mother (along with another friend) made Blythe's dress, which was fabulous! Their "cocktail hour" was a homemade granola bar with different yogurts and fruit! The reception was stuffed french toast, assorted sides, coffee, orange juice and an ice-cream bar.

I'm so happy that Liz and I were able to be a part of their day. Like I said, it was something I'd been looking forward to for a long time!  Enjoy! -Brooke

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