John + Lauren

John + Lauren's wedding was nothing short of stunning. I always enjoy shooting at The Farm at Eagle's Ridge and it really was the perfect location for John + Lauren's big celebration. But, back to everything being stunning for a second... seriously. It was. Her shoes. Her dress. The flowers. The food. The girls. THE WEATHER! Everything! It makes me so happy when brides really know their style and use awesome vendors to make everything happen!

A big thanks to John + Lauren for allowing Kristen and myself to be a part of your day! It was awesome! Be sure to leave comments with your favorite images and share with your friends! -Brooke

 photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-2.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-3.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-4.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-5.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-6.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-7.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-8.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-9.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-10.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-11.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-12.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-13.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-14.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-15.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-16.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-17.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-18.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-19.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-20.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-21.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-22.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-23.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-24.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-25.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-26.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-27.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-28.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-29.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-30.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-31.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-32.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-33.jpg photo brookecourtney_johnlauren-34.jpg