Drew + Bethany

Over the years, I've had the honor of getting to know Drew + Bethany. I don't think there's a person in this world that would say that these two weren't one of the nicest couples on this planet. I got to know Drew through walk in love. and the first thing you notice when you talk to Drew is that he cares about what you have to say. His excitement for others is invigorating. And to be honest, Bethany is just the same. On their wedding day, the weather changed about twelve times. From sunny, to overcast, to sunny, to rain, to sunny, to overcast... you get the idea. But Drew + Bethany didn't let it affect what their day was all about. I heard some of the best speeches ever at their wedding, seeing first-hand how loved they are. And Bethany swears that when she first saw Drew, she knew he was the one. Her testimony was awesome! I was so thankful to have been able to photograph their day with my wife Liz. Here are some of our favorites! -Jeff

 photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-1.jpg  photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-2.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-4.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-5.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-6.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-7.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-8.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-9.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-10.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-11.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-12.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-13.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-14.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-15.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-16.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-17.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-18.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-19.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-20.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-22.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-21.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-23.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-25.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-24.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-26.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-27.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-28.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-29.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-30.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-31.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-32.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-33.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-35.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-36.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-37.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-38.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-39.jpg photo brookecourtney_drewbethany-40.jpg