Henry + Lauren

There were so many reasons why I was so excited to be a part of this wedding. Lauren and I met each other in Middle School and had the pleasure of sharing a few classes together. One day, for some reason, we decided to give each other nicknames. I called her Jesse and she called me Bob. The names stuck. We went our separate ways in high school and college, but kept in contact once in a while. When she got engaged I was beyond thrilled to learn that she was interested in having me capture their day. Getting to go back home to New Jersey is always nice. And this time, it was like a five-year reunion! Henry + Lauren were married on Sandy Hook, one of my favorite spots back home. Their day was filled with so much emotion, from tears to laughter. And to say that this was a fun and energetic group of friends would be an extreme understatement. Trust me, they all know how to have a good time. I was so thankful to be part of this day and getting to reconnect with so many people was amazing. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day! -Jeff

 photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-2.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-3.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-4.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-5.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-6.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-7.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-8.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-9.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-10.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-11.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-12.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-13.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-14.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-15.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-16.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-17.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-18.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-19.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-20.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-21.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-22.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-23.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-24.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-25.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-26.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-27.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-28.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-29.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-30.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-31.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-32.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-33.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-34.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-35.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-36.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-37.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-38.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-39.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-40.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-41.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-42.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-43.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-44.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-45.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-46.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-47.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-48.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-49.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-50.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-51.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-52.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-53.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-54.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-55.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-56.jpg photo brookecourtney_henrylauren-57.jpg