Kyle + Sam

One time when I was a kid, I got so mad at my little sister Sam that I wrote on the bottom of my bunk bed, "SAM CAN NEVER PLAY NERF EVER."  I don't remember what I was mad about and I know that after that incident Sam was still allowed to play in the family nerf gun battles, but it has forever been a joke between the two of us. And I love that. I have literally known Sam for her entire life. I have watched her be super cute when she was little, go through those really awkward and ugly years, rebel a little and then become the beautiful, passionate, loyal young woman she is today.  When she first met Kyle I wasn't sure about the guy. He didn't say much and I thought he looked too much like the vampire from twilight. Plus, he was dating my baby sister so I was destined not to aprove at first. As I have seen them grow together the past few years Kyle has won me over a million times through his devotion to my sister. I couldn't be happier for the two of them and when they tie the knot on July 5th I can assure you that I will be a sniffling, crying mess.

Now a little about the photos. Kyle is currently living in San Diego for work, so when they FINALLY got engaged Brooke and I thought we could be sneaky and politely suggest that they shoot their engagements in San Diego. My mom is a flight attendant, so one stand by flight later we were in beautiful San Diego shooting photos, eating burritos and quoting one of the most famous surfers ever. It was a great two day getaway for Brooke and I and we love the way every photo came out. Sam and Kyle - We couldn't be happier for you and can't wait to see all the amazing things you two will do together! - T.J. (and Brooke)