Mitch + Emily

There's something about intimate weddings that I absolutely love. And this wedding did not disappoint. Mitch and Emily were wed at the Lawrence Miller & Company silversmith shop in Alexandria, VA. Tucked into the second floor was a beautiful space with tons of natural light beaming in. It was an emotional moment for close friends and family as they shared their I do's. Out of all my weddings in 2012, I think this ceremony had me smiling the most. One of my favorite parts of the day was the fact that it was pouring. Usually the rain would put a damper (pun-intended) on the day, but "old town" feel of Alexandria was perfect for the weather. Mitch and Emily came prepared with cute clear umbrellas. They were a great touch to the beautiful brick road where we shot. It was a lot of fun maneuvering around in the rain and after seeing the photos I'm so glad we took the time to capture it. The rest of the day was celebrated at the luxurious Lorien Hotel & Spa. It was a casual reception as everyone came together to show their love for this adorable couple. I couldn't have been any happier to be a part of this day. Here are some of our favorites. -Jeff