Rob + Falon

Let's be real for a second - I go to A LOT of weddings. A lot. So naturally, there are a few key items, in my book, that make a wedding really great. A flowy dress, creative flowers, amazing music, handwritten typography, fun details, and the Smilebooth. And let me tell you ladies and gentleman, Rob + Falon's wedding had all of these things!!

Falon looked absolultely lovely in her flowy dress. Perfect for her personality. Lori, from Wildflowers by Design, created stunning bouquets and floral details for their wedding. When Lori pulled Falon's bouquet out of her van, I just about had a heart attack. It might be my favorite bouquet of Lori's I've ever shot. Rob + Falon also had incredible taste in music. Throughout their entire day I found myself saying outloud to T.J., "I love this song!!!" Falon walked down to the isle to a song from the We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack, which is not only beautiful, but near and dear to my heart for many reasons. I totally cried. (Don't judge.) Falon had little bits of handwritten typography all over her wedding day - from everyone's hanging escort cards to the chalkboard signs telling you the evening's drinks and specialities... along with garlands and drink stirers made from sheets of music. Each guest was given a mix CD of the newlywed's favorite songs as their wedding favor. And last but not least, the Smilebooth was there. A huge hit as always.

Hope you enjoy a handful of my favorite images from Rob + Falon's wedding day. T.J. and I had a great time shooting their big day, celebrating their love along with their closest friends and family members. Enjoy! -Brooke