Josh + Laura... and Vespertine

Brooke and I love our job. And there are a handful of weddings every now and then that make us love it even more.  We feel so honored that we are invited into two families lives on such an important day.  Laura was a bridesmaid at Betsy and Justins wedding, and when she contacted us for her wedding I knew it would be amazing.  She had a cool dress, cool tattoos and cool hair.  Josh and Laura's day was so intimate and special.  Not only were they celebrating their marriage, but they were also celebrating their daughter Vespertine's 1st birthday.  Josh and Laura were actually married the week before their little party... so the party was just to celebrate the event with close friends and family.  The evening started with a home cooked meal in the garden.  As they were finishing their dinner with family, friends started to arrive to a beautiful set up featuring homemade goodies, honey whiskey, flags and old records playing.

Josh and Laura were so much fun to photograph.  They were so good at making each other laugh.  Brooke and I could just feel the deep love they have for eachother.  Vespertine is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and she actually smiled and looked at the camera.  It was amazing. All of the decorations were vintage and all of the food was homemade - right down to the lemonade and honey whiskey. Each guest was asked to choose a vintage plate to use for their food, and then take that plate home as their favor. The night was capped off by everyone singing happy birthday to Vespertine in any style or key they wanted (an old family tradition).  It was hysterical, terrible sounding.. and I think it terrifiyed Vespertine a little.

The entire event was a beautiful, intimate and lovely affair.  Thank you so much Josh, Laura and Vespertine for letting us be a part of it! - T.J.