Kyle + Carley

I could probably write a novel about Kyle + Carley. We first met when I took their engagement photos last summer. Immediately, we hit it off and it had felt like we had been longtime friends. Carley befriended my fiancé Liz, who would eventually be asked to draw fashion sketches of each bridesmaid as a gift. It's amazing to have friendships come from my job. Like Liz and I, Kyle + Carley spent a lot of time apart during their relationship, sending each other letters to pass the time. During their ceremony, they each wrote one another another letter and it was a beautiful moment to witness. Their reception was held at the super-cool Reading Art Works! It's an absolutely beautiful space. This was a wedding I was anxiously waiting for this year and I couldn't be happier for a couple I can now officially call my good friends. -Jeff

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