Steve + Britni

This was my first time shooting at Lauxmont Farms so you can imagine Alyssa and my excitement when we pulled in and saw the gorgeous scenery! We met Britni and her bridesmaids in a small white cottage where they were getting ready and we knew right away they were going to be a fun group! Prior to the ceremony we took a few bridal party pictures and Britni had a very sweet first look with her dad. The ceremony was held in the Sunken Gardens and Steve and Britni  wrote their own vows to each other that were just awesome. Everyone was crying and laughing. Steve and Britni have a two year old son Jackson, who is not only adorable but seemed to have a huge impact on everyone there. He was, of course, mentioned in both vows! 

When the ceremony was over a horse drawn carriage took the new Mr. and Mrs. Stack and Jackson around the property before the reception began! We had gorgeous weather all day up until the sun went down. It got really windy and poured for a good 10 minutes but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. I have to say this was one of the craziest and most fun receptions I have been at to date! Congratulations Steve and Britni!! 


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