Ian + Olivia

I recently took a trip to the Big Apple to spend an evening with Ian + Olivia! We met in SoHo and got to know each other while walking through the crowds. They both work in advertising and met through a social event at work! While we were zig-zagging the blocks, we randomly stumbled upon the restaurant they had their first date! In the moments after, it was endearing to hear them reminisce. Afterwards, we jumped in a cab and headed over to Brooklyn, where they currently reside. We walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park and later hopped on the bridge to end our session. With people and bikes buzzing by, Ian + Olivia squeezed themselves in the middle of the pathway to get us some of my favorite portraits! It was such a joy to meet with them in New York and now I'm even more excited to shoot their wedding in October! -Jeff

 photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-1-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-2-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-3-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-4-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-5-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-6-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-7-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-8-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-9-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-10-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-11-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-12-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-13-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_ianolivia-14-1.jpg