Eric + Kristen

Two weeks ago, Jeff and I shot the beautiful, spring-filled wedding of Eric + Kristen. Their celebration was traditional yet laid back. Kristen and her girls were simply beautiful in black, white and pink - which was the perfect color choice for the time of year. Eric and his guys were nothing but gentlemans.. including Eric's son Logan, who was downright hysterical. All day when I'd ask Logan if he was excited for the day, or what he was looking forward to most, he kept responding "I just can't wait to get on the dance floor!" - to which I'd smile and say "Sounds good to me!" Little did I know how much he truly meant that statment.

Following the sun drenched ceremony, bridal party photos on the golf course, bride and groom photos under the cherry tree, the reception started off with the uber cute first dance of the newlyweds. Followed then by Logan getting the entire crowd pumped up with a semi-choreographed fist-pumping song that I'll never forget. It was amazing.

Eric + Kristen's entire day was held at the Heritage Hills Resort in York, PA which is one of the easiest golf courses to shoot on for sure. Enjoy the images, I really feel like their photographs captured everyone's personalities perfectly. Enjoy! -Brooke