I'm Brooke! Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find posts about my family, the food that's on my table, and my latest house projects. I hope it encourages you to find the magic in the every day moments of your life, too.

Anthony + Mandy

Anthony, Amanda and Kiley (their super spunky dog!) met up with Brooke and I a few weeks ago for a fun engagement shoot around Lancaster City. We went from rooftop, to alleyways to the park and got some great images along the way. We shared stories with one another, about how they met working at a restaurant, to living life with Kiley running wild, to being full time photographers. Every time I knelt down to take a photo, Kiley would run over to me (as if I bent down to greet her personally) and lick me ferociously. We definitely all became best friends on that beautiful evening. Here are some of our favorites! -Jeff

Eric + Kristen

Love 'n Fresh Flowers / April Workshop