Rob + Suzy

I will always remember Rob + Suzy's wedding because of it's light. The bright, vibrantly lit portraits and the moody, grainy ceremony which seem to compliment each other brilliantly. Suprisingly. But the light wasn't the only wonderful thing about their day - Rob + Suzy were simply delightful. They were certainly two of kindest people I'd ever had the priveledge of shooting. (You might remember their engagements which gave us a little glimpse into their personalities!)

Jeff and I had a great time shooting their wedding day festivities. Rob + Suzy's bridal party was a ton of fun and so cooperative! (Always a plus when there's such a large group to work with!) The ceremony was sweet and the dance floor at the reception was on fire, with much thanks to the band.

I've posted some of my favorite images from their day below. Isn't Suzy so gorgeous!?!? Leave comments and enjoy! -Brooke