For those of you who think that all I do is photograph weddings in life, that's way off. So, here is a super fast recap to get you up to speed as to who Tess is.

T.J. started selling t-shirts in college for a mission's trip fundraiser. People liked them. He started selling more. We got married. We started selling them at our local mall. Then we raised 30K and opened our first retail store. Two years later we are opening our second store - this time in Stone Harbor, NJ. Who doesn't love the beach, right!? We had to hire more poeple to work at our new store. One of those fabulous people is Tess. This is Tess.

Ya follow? You can actually read about Tess on the walk in love. blog, right HERE. Last night I shot a few photos of Tess to introduce her to the world and wanted to share some of them with you. As we were walking towards the sunlight, before I'd shot anything of her, she said "So, I'm pretty awkward and strange in front of the camera." I told her she'd be fine. And HECK! She looks amazing and so comfortable! One of my absolute favorite things about being a portrait photographer is taking amazing shots of people who think they're "not photogenic". It's so rewarding.

Have a great day! -Brooke