Luke + Kara

I've shot a handful of weddings at the Landis Valley Museum, but never in the winter. It's absolutely beautiful. Besides the cold weather, which everyone bravely fought, I fell in love with the barren trees on the property.

Their ceremony took place in the firehouse and I loved seeing the light seep in through the windows. Through song and prayer, it was beautiful seeing the love that both parents shared with each other and with their children. But there is something way beyond just the "I do's" that made this such a special wedding to be a part of. Luke + Kara are an inspiration to me. They've been through a long distance relationship beyond what I'm currently experiencing. Luke is in the Army and spent time serving our country in Afghanistan. When Kara shared her vows, which she had written herself, she explained how she feared her wedding day would never come. I'm so glad it did, they are such a kind and beautiful couple.
One of my favorite moments throughout the day was when it came time for them to cut their cake. Except they didn't use a traditional cake cutter to divvy up a piece. They used a sword and I found myself stumbling over the words when I asked them to "both of you hold the… knife… I mean sword… and look here!"

Through the months leading up to their wedding, Kara would comment on an Instagram photo of mine and say "You're shooting my wedding in [this many] months!" Her excitement lead to me being extremely impatient for her big day to come. Well it's come and gone and it's been a great start to the 2013 season! Here are some of Tori and my favorites from the day! -Jeff