Charles + Lauren

Charles + Lauren were my first wedding of 2013 and I couldn't have picked a better couple to start with. When T.J. and I arrived at Congress Hall and made our way up to Lauren's room, we had no idea what "the plan" was for the day. As we were introduced to Lauren for the first time ever, she laughed at how she forgot to send us an itinerary or anything. "Okay, you know the ceremony is at 4... and..." she said. T.J. and I both shook our heads no, "News to us! But that sounds good!" And Lauren laughed even harder. That's when I realized I was really going to like Lauren. She was organized, but laid back about the entire day. She and I chatted alone, for over and hour in the bathroom, while she did her hair and makeup. We talked about our jobs, families, dating in New York City, their clever wedding day hashtag (#laurles) and many other things. It was so enjoyable to get to know her during the hours leading up to the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, family and bridal party headed outside to the lawn for photos. And that's when the wind hit us. Like freezing-cold-block-from-the-ocean wind. In that moment T.J. and I looked at each other and had one of those silent conversations that went something like this. "It's freezing." "I know." "We need to do all photos in 30 minutes." "I agree." "Then why are we still staring at eachother?" "No idea." "GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" We snapped into action and completed all family, girls, guys, bridal party, and bride + groom photos in 30 minutes. I must say I was quite impressed. Both by us and the cooperation of their wedding party. T.J. and I have worked under tight time schedules before on wedding days... but the wind and cold were just too much to take... so we went into hyperdrive.

The reception really allowed T.J. and I to see how truly genuine and full of personality Charles + Lauren are. Their first dances were sweet. Their bridal party and family speeches were touching (and short!!). Their cake cutting was hysterical. (Note photo below.) And the dance floor wasn't emtpy all night long.

I often tell my team that if you'd shoot it all over again, it was a good wedding. I must say, if Charles + Lauren are any indication of what's to come for my team in 2013, we couldn't be happier. 

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their special day. Comment with your favorites. -Brooke