Ron + Helena

Ron + Helena's wedding was certainly one of our most anticipated weddings of the 2012 season for us. A beautiful couple in a stunning location?! Yes please! The entire wedding getaway was at Hotel Chocolate which has gorgeous views of the Pitan Mountains, along with some of the best onion rings I've ever eaten in my life. No joke.

Ron + Helena got ready for their wedding day in separate suites and then shared an intimate first look just below their rooms on the pathway to the hotel resturant. After T.J. and I shot a handful of bride and groom portraits we "headed up" to the ceremony location. With what might have been one of the most terrifying four minute car rides of my life (so I thought at the time!!) we drove up the side of a mountain to the ceremony spot. Once again, it was breathtaking. We were literally on top of a mountain overlooking the famous Pitan Mountains with the sun setting perfectly between the two. The ceremony was lead by Ron's father who sweetly remembered to bring along a photograph of Ron + Helena's dog, whom they all love dearly. After they exchanged vows, rings and their first kiss as husband and wife, champagne and bubbles filled the air while the sun set below the water behind everyone. And then we proceeded to go down the mountain in a little van.... which then offically became the most terrifying car ride of my life. (And I've been out of the country multiple times in my life!!)

During dinner at the Boucan Resturant family and guests offered toasts and congratulations to the newlyweds who were beaming with happiness. Cake was served. People danced on tables. And before we knew it everyone was down in the pool for the remainder of the night.

The night before our flights left everyone went on a sunset cruise around the island. It was truly breathtaking. Ron + Helena, along with their family and best friends, danced the night away off the coast of St. Lucia with drinks in their hands. T.J. and I were truly blessed to be a part of their wedding getaway. It was without a doubt the most beautiful location I've ever shot a wedding in! Both families were so sweet to T.J. and I that it really made our "mini working vacation" so much fun. If you want to see any personal photos that T.J. and I took the our trip, you can view them at my blog right here!

Hope you enjoy my favorite images below. And hey! If you're having a destation wedding but didn't think we traveled! WE DO! Contact us!! :) -Brooke