Jeff + Mandy

I have a crush on the Sheldon's. There I said it. Don't judge me. But seriously, the entire time I was editing these photos I just kept thinking, "They are so cute. I really like them." Jeff Sheldon is the founder of Ugmonk and an incredible graphic designer. T.J. and Jeff starting emailing a long time ago about shirts and business things. Last Christmas Jeff created the "Last Shall Be First" t-shirt for walk in love. as a part of our collaboration collection.

Jeff + Mandy just celebrated three years of marriage and asked us to shoot photos in honor of their anniversary. They traveled to Lancaster City where we shot for about 30 minutes. We then headed to one of my favorite places to shoot, my Grandpa's backyard, and finished our session there. They were such troopers. It was humid. There were bugs. And everyone was sweating. Ehh. All that aside, two of their photos are already ranked super-high on my favorites ever list.

Enjoy! [BC]