Isabella - WIL Christmas 2012

The last several weeks have been jam packed with styling and shooting sessions for walk in love.'s Christmas 2012 looks. I absolutely love that, as self employed creatives, we get to do it all. We design the shirts. We choose our models. We style. We shoot. We edit. We blog. We design. And it starts all over again. But that doesn't mean that it's not a crap-ton of work. Ha!

I was thrilled when our intern Tori suggested a girl she "kiiiind of knows" for photos. I love using fans of walk in love. for our models. It's been our thing since day one and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. While Isabella hadn't been in front of my camera ever before, with a little direction, she was a natural. Exactly what we were looking for! And a huge high five to her for our first shoot being a sunrise session! It was sooo early. And sooo cold.

Wanted to share just a few of my favorite images from this shoot. Be sure to check walk in love.'s blog over the next couple weeks as we flood it with fantastic images for our latest products! Enjoy! -Brooke

Isabella is wearing Lamp Unto My Feet, Faith Hope LoveLight Of The World and Be The Light