Greg + Gina

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to Greg + Gina's day. I've never been around a happier, friendlier, and more welcoming family in my whole career. Sam and I were just glowing with smiles because of how nice everyone was. Greg + Gina were married on a private farm in New Park, PA. As we stepped onto the property, the first thing we noticed were the prayer flags. White ones, colored ones, and some designed by young students. Being surrounded by them all throughout the day was breathtaking. Greg is in the Navy and Gina is his number one fan. Listening to their stories, from being apart during his training, to stories about some missions was endearing. They are both at ease with life and it's absolutely inspiring. No worries, just laughs, smiles and fun. Guests danced and hula-hooped to some beautiful reggae and we were constantly invited to join. Good thing I was working, because I am a lot better photographer than I am a hula-hooper. As we were packing up to head back home, we spent some time with Greg and Gina chatting some more about life. We shared stories about school, the Navy, and relationships. Greg thanked both Sam and I with pins that he had earned during his service. This was a wedding I will never forget thanks to some of the nicest people I've ever met. Here are some of our favorites. -Jeff