Jonnie + Jen

The day has finally arrived. It's the day we post the blog dedicated to the wedding of Jonnie and Jen!  This was a wedding that was marked on our calendar with stars, hearts and cat stickers from the moment we booked it!  "Why?"  Jonnie and Jen are both extremely creative and we knew there wedding would be exactly that.  Jonnie is a designing or coding or some kind of computer wizard ( who is very obviously doing things that I will probably never understand and Jen is a super talented artist ( 

One thing that will make your wedding photographer swoon are the details.  Jonnie and Jen had more details at their wedding then I'd ever seen and each one had their personal touch!  From their beautiful hand addressed stationary to the painted signs that flooded the lawn and tables, it was all so gorgeous and definitely lived up to the hype we had been placing on the day!

Overall the day was beautiful.  It was filled with love, laughter, music, dancing and one of the best best men speeches I've ever heard!  Jonnie, Jen and the entire family made us feel so welcomed and loved all day that we felt like we were long time friends.  Enjoy the beautiful photos that only begin to capture how beautiful their day and love for each other is.  Thank you so much for including us in your special day Jonnie and Jen, we wish you nothing but the best and hope we can be best friends forever!! - Brooke, TJ and Sam