Alex + Elise

T.J. and I have been excited about Alex + Elise's wedding for quite awhile. Having photographed Elise's brother's wedding last year, we were excited to celebrate with their families again. Alex + Elise's wedding was full of unique and charming touches that showed their personalities in the best way.

They had a ring "bear" instead of a ring bearer. Adorable. Alex sang to Elise as she and her dad walked down the isle at the ceremony. (Emotional for everyone, trust me.) Alex, being the super genius that he is (literally), handcrafted a motorcycle for he and his bride to use as their getaway vehicle. Elise had a separate dress and shoes to say goodbye to guests in, which were fabulous! To match the motorcycle, Alex wore mini motorcycle cufflinks to show pride in his creation.  All of the flowers were created by a family member and given as a wedding gift. What a gift!

 Alex + Elise's wedding was full of gorgeous sunlight, witty jokes from the bridal party, indie music and dancing. A good day in my book any day, but especially when you get to marry the love of your life. Enjoy! –Brooke