Brian + Kim

Brian + Kim's wedding was one that I was looking forward to all year.  Not only beause I knew Kim would be a beautiful bride, but also because I know Kim.  Kim is one of Julia's best friends and Julia is one of my best friends from college! Julia, Kim, Brian and their group of friends are so unique.   I remember Julia talking about her group of friends from high school while we were in college together, thinking that I wish I had a group of friends like that.  I've lost touch with most of my high school buddies, but it seemed with every year of college or big moment in their lives their group became closer.  Through trips, studying abroad, moving all over the country they have all remained dear friends, which was so amazing to see while I watched Julia stay in touch with them through college.  During the wedding, I remember having this moment when I realized that these were all the people that Julia use to tell me stories about.  What a cool moment to share such a momentous occasion with those people who remember you during your awkward middle school and early high school years.

The wedding was gorgeous and filled with joy, fun and lots of dancing. Brian + Kim have been together since high school and hearing their vows flooded my eyes with tears.  It was such a beautiful, fun day and I am so thankful that Brooke, Tori and I got to be a part of it. -T.J.