Billy + Christina

There are some weddings that have a great deal of impact on me the actual day of the wedding. And then there are those weddings, that after the fact, once I've spent hours sifting through the images, impact me in a very personal way -- Billy + Christina's wedding was one of those weddings. Don't get me wrong, the wedding day itself was wonderful and a ton of fun! But in the rush of all wedding days, things get overlooked and forgotten. All of the day's moments happen so fast that we move onto the next without really taking them in. Which is why hiring a good wedding photographer is worth all of the money you've got. (Hint, hink.. wink, wink.)

Billy + Christina's wedding day was filled with intimate moments left and right. Christina and her girls got ready at her parent's house, where we all sat around and watched the Olympics, just waiting until the right time for her to put her dress on. Christina and her bridesmaids have all been friends since elementary school... some of them growing up together in the same neighborhood. So, when Christina came downstairs to see her Dad for the first time it was an emotional moment for everyone. I love the image of the bridesmaids, standing just behind me, watching this moment unfold. Once everyone got a grip and stopped crying, we loaded up the cars and headed to the ceremony location. The limo ride to the vinyard was filled with laughter, champagne and toasts to the beautiful bride.

Billy suprised Christina by having a live band play the song she had chosen to walk down the isle to. Billy was so happy that he actually suprised her - it was precious. Bridal party photos were a ton of fun... everyone was so photogenic and easy to work with. Always a good combo if you ask me! Portraits of the bride and groom came naturally for both parties, not to mention the location was stunning. T.J. and I had a wonderful time shooting Billy + Christina.

The reception was full of homemade details - hand painted signs by the bride's father and homemade dill pickels for the wedding favors! One of the coolest parts of the wedding was a suprise for the newlyweds put together by the groom's parents. They hired the NYPD Pipes and Drums to play at the reception. It was awesome and a total suprise for both Billy + Christina.

So yea, weddings that have intimate, personal moments like this one are always my favorite. Enjoy some of my favorite images. -Brooke