Joe + Laurie

Earlier this month, T.J. and I traveld to Cape May, NJ to shoot the beautiful wedding of Joe + Laurie. The gentleman got dressed and ready in a local hotel, while the ladies got dressed at Laurie's Grandparent's house. Their ceremony was held in a little, local church.. that they filled with their closest friends and family.

Following the ceremony, T.J. and I shot bridal party portraits outside Congress Hall and on the beach. One of my favorite parts of the day was when I had a few minutes alone with Joe + Laurie, during cocktail hour, where I was able to snap some photos of them in their hotel room. It was so incredibly hot and busy outside the day they got married. So, the cool, quiet hotel room was really refreshing and made for some super romantic photos.

Their reception was full of heartwarming toasts, outrageous dancing, loads of candy and the Smilebooth. A good night in my book, for sure. Enjoy! -Brooke