Jason + Kelly

Kelly is a dear friend of mine. And Jason is a perfect match for her. Kelly and I became friends way back in Middle School. She's one of those friends that you could talk to about anything and her investment in friendship is priceless. When I met Jason, I saw so many similar qualities which automatically convinced me that the two of them were a sure fit. They met during their college years, at Lehigh University and their wedding ceremony took place at Packer Church on campus. What I love about Jason and Kelly the most is their natural presence in front of the camera. They were so easy to work with! Before I would finish an explanation of a pose I'd like them to be in, they were in it, happy as could be. Their reception was held at the beautiful Architects Golf Club across the border in New Jersey. It's such a joy to see good friends marry their best friends and to have the opportunity to capture the moment. I could go on for hours about how happy I am for Jason and Kelly. Here are some of our favorites. -Jeff