Justin + Betsy

Several Friday's ago my sister, Sam, and I got in the car for a six hour drive to upstate New York.  About four hours into the drive we stopped at a rest stop to get gas and snacks, and realized it was cold outside.  Two hours later, at our hotel we had the same realization, it was cold! So after checking into our hotel, we headed to the nearest mall to buy warmer clothes. Sam loved the excuse to buy a new outfit. The next day we drove to Thousands Island, New York and shot one of the coolest weddings I have ever been a part of.  Justin, Betsy, their families and bridal party were all so fun to be around.  They were married in a castle on an island, and left the ceremony in a beautiful antique motor boat. The reception was fun and laid back, held at a local winery.  It was a photographer's dream.  Sam and I had a blast hanging out all day, capturing the beautiful moments between Justin and Besty.  You could feel the deep, deep love Justin + Betsy had for eachother. It was awesome. - T.J.