Las (Instax) Vegas

I am so blessed. That's really all I can think of when I look at these images from our trip to Las Vegas last week. I am blessed to be able to travel to awesome places (like Vegas) with my husband. I am blessed to have a friend like Jeff. Blessed to know so many incredible people in our industry that inspire me everyday. I am blessed to have the job that I have!

Here's our trip to Vegas all in Fuji Instax photos. I didn't take my digital camera out of it's bag once last week - and that was fine with me!!

Our trip started out with what seemed like the longest flight ever. By the end T.J. and Jeff were starting to look a little crazy (see below). We checked into the MGM Grand late Sunday night and were exhausted.

The next morning we headed down to check in a WPPI and walked the trade show floors for several hours. We found one new company that we are very excited to start working with!!

Monday night we dressed ourselves up and went to the Airplanes and Blazers party. It was so much fun. While I was exhausted, cause the party didn't even start until 1am Pennsylvania time, it was still a blast! The guys looked very handsome in their black suits.

We got to see a lot of people again at the party - like Sarah, Brooke and Ashley.

Here's a photo of Lara and I... and then a photo of T.J. being creepy behind Josh.

The morning after the party, at 5am, we went to a sunrise concert party - but I'll post photos of that later.

The three of us spent our afternoons walking the strip, eating (overly) expensive food and enjoying the sunshine.

On Tuesday night we all decided it would be fun to eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream. How wrong we were. We all felt awful after eating it. In fact, T.J. became very, very sick for the rest of the trip with the flu.

The stores and sky in Vegas are beautiful. I would have taken only sky photos all week, but that would have been boring for everyone but me, so I refrained.

I finally got to meet the utterly fabulous Courtney Brooke! We've been following each other for over a year now and it was so great to sit down over coffee and chat about our lives and love for photography. :)

Our trip ended with us waiting to head to the airport by laying in pool chairs at the hotel for hours.

All in all, it was a great trip. I have more photos to come later this week, so be sure to check back! Like I said before, our trip to WPPI was once again such a blessing. I came back from Vegas feeling excited and inspired for what's ahead - and that's a blessing.