Bouquets (V1)

This post has been a long time in the making. Almost three years ago, while T.J. and I were still dating, we traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia to photograph Elisha and Jeremy's wedding. I met Elisha while attending Liberty University. Lish was my RA - and room mates with my cousin, Kate. Anyway, on Elisha's wedding day, while photographing her flowers, T.J. and I had this funny idea to take a photograph of T.J. holding Lish's flowers, looking super awkward. We certainly got a good laugh out of ourselves.

Well, dozens of weddings later, the tradition continues.. and it will, probably forever. :) While preparing this blog I was laughing so hard I was starting to tear up. The images are just outrageous. No other way to describe it.

So, may this post brighten your day - and hey, maybe even give all you brides-to-be out there some bouquet inspiration! Would love you know everyone's favorite - mine is either the one where T.J. is wearing the bride's green glasses in Colorado, or where he's double-fisting the camera and bouquet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [BC]