Dan + Christine

The best aspect of working at weddings is that you get to be around people at their absolute happiest. Everyone involved in Dan and Christine's wedding were an absolute pleasure to work with. The weather was gorgeous, the super-moon was out, and love was in the air. Dan and Christine dated for about six years prior to their wedding day and I could instantly tell how much they cared about each other from the moment they had their first look. Their smiles on their faces told the whole story as they savored the moments of their big day. The event took place at La Massaria at Bella Vista Golf Course in Gilbertsville, PA. It's always fun to be able to capture love in new locations and the Bella Vista was a great host for all. Maddie and I had a great time shooting there. Working with Dan and Christine was a lot of fun and honestly, their patience through the day was admirable. They let nothing stand in the way from them having a great first day as husband and wife. - Jeff