Nick + Lindsey Rehearsal Dinner

We don't ususally have anything to do with our client's rehearsal dinners, but since Nick is T.J.'s brother - we were all about this rehearsal dinner! (Duh!) My mother-in-law, Cindy, and I planned everything for the dinner a few month ago, and it was so awesome to see everything come together last Friday night.

I was in charge of the table centerpieces and other crafty things. I especially loved doing the flowers. I think somehwere, in another life, I would be a part-time florist. I upcycled all of the jars from a party we had last summer -- painted them shades of blue -- and, voila! Fun, easy centerpieces. I also made wedding day itinerary kits, which I thought were so cool! (See Instagram below). 

Everyone spent the evening telling stories about Nick + Lindsey, jumping around (literally) in the Smilebooth and watching T.J.'s "Best Man Audition Tape". All in all, it was a beautiful night filled with laughter, family and some serious excitment for the following day. Enjoy! -Brooke