Karl + Kristen

Last week I posted Karl + Kristen's day-after portraits and mentioned that their wedding photos were on the way... and here they are!! I edited these in less than two days, I just couldn't stop! T.J. and I had a great time in Jamaica and was such a priveledge to photograph Karl + Kristen's wedding. Their wedding day was laid back and beautiful. Kristen was absolutely gorgeous and Karl is absolutely in love with her. The day started in the spa, then went to the beach for the ceremony, followed by a champagne and appetizers under the gazebo. After a few bride and groom portraits, everyone split up for the afternoon to swim and enjoy some down time. Then just before sunset, T.J. and I shot the bridal party and a handful of portraits of the newlyweds. A beach-side bonfire was held after sunset with drinks and dancing, followed by the reception in the french gardens. How beautiful are those pink lanterns, right?!

I'd go on explaing how beautiful Jamaica and the wedding was, but I'll let Karl + Kristen's wedding photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! -Brooke