Matthew + Ali

The day after Black Friday was my last wedding of 2011. It was a chilly, grey day... but beautiful nonetheless. Matthew + Ali created a charming wedding for themselves and it was awesome to be a part of it. My friend Lori did the bouqets and centerpieces - which never fail to be absolutely breath taking. I love when she and I get to work together!

Matthew + Ali's day was a little bit different than most - with the sun setting before their ceremony even began - but I wasn't one to complain! I love doing photos before the ceremony. T.J. and I did all of our photos before the ceremony, and it was great.. I actually have several memories from our portrait session (!).. the rest of our wedding day was just a blur!

Aren't the colors below just gorgeous? I'll say it again - a beautiful wedding for a deserving couple. Enjoy! -Brooke