How To Address Your Christmas Cards! / by Brooke Courtney

In my last post about our 2016 Christmas cards, I told you guys I'd give you a little tutorial on how to address your own - and here it is!


  • Envelopes (That fit your cards, obviously. 😂)
  • A Sharpie - regular or skinny. I used regular.
  • Scrap paper to practice on.

First, you'll want to practice this alphabet a few times. Keep your letters long and tall, while putting your extra lines (like crossing your A, E, F, H,) up high on your letter. Notice how close to the top of the H the connecting line is in my image above where I wrote "Christmas."

You can also practice your alphabet with some of these alternate letter options, or invent your own. Sometimes I'll mix both alphabets together just to make things look more fun! And don't forget to add a little extra sparkle to some of your favorite addresses!

Before I start writing someone's name, I really study their full address to see which option (below) I should go with. Are their first and last names short or long? Are you going to add their kid's names? Do they have extra things like "apt #" or "cabin #" or things like that.

There are definitely more combinations than I included below, but these are the three I use most often!

So there you have it. Do your best not to over think it and enjoy it. Sometimes I'll totally mess up and write their first names so large I have to put their last name on another line. 😂 Or draw extra hearts in one area cause everything is so lopsided. But that's the beauty of it. Each one is different.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @brookecourtney if you address your own and post a photo of it!