Warren + Kathryn

Warren + Kathryn tied the knot several weeks ago at The Farm at Eagles Ridge and it was downright beautiful. The weather was perfect and their celebration was literally bursting at the seams with details. Everywhere you looked there was Kathryn's calligraphy, flowers, drink stations, favors, more flowers - details, details, details!

Warren and his guys got ready for the day at The Cork Factory Hotel, while the girls got ready in the house at the farm. Kathryn's Mom sewed a piece of her Mother's wedding dress to the inside of Kathryn's, which was such a sweet and intimate moment among the usual chaos of a wedding day.

Warren + Kathryn decided to get married at The Farm because Kathryn grew up riding horses and always wanted to get married on a farm. You can see throughout the photos that horses and horseshoes were part of their theme - it was such a unique element that I just loved. In fact, their Uncle wrote a song for them called "Horseshoe" which the cousin's performed as a surprise during cocktail hour!

Hope you enjoy the images from Jeff and I! Be sure to leave comments with your favorites!

And to Warren + Kathryn - Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was so wonderful!

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