Michael + Sarah

I was happy to shoot my first wedding of 2014, with the wonderful Liz Parrett by my side, several weeks ago at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. Michael + Sarah tied the knot at the local Justice of the Peace and it was... amazing. And short. And beautiful. I loved it.

Another thing that made me super happy on their day was that Tara (from Splints & Daisies) did the florals and it made everything extra beautiful, even with the temperature below freezing.


 photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-1.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-2.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-3.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-4.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-5.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-6.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-7.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-8.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-9.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-10.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-11.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-12.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-13.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-15.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-16.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-19.jpg  photo brookecourtney_michaelsarah-20.jpg