Kyle + Sarah

I am so excited to share with you all some images of Kyle + Sarah's wedding! Not only because this was an awesome wedding, but it was also my very first official wedding shooting for Brooke Courtney photography. I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this great team and I am looking forward to the rest of the weddings I am shooting this year!! Kyle + Sarah were the perfect couple to start out with! They were so laid back and easy going. The coolest part of the entire day was as soon as the ceremony began it started to snow! It was the perfect backdrop for when they said "I do!" It continued to snow through the portraits and made for some epic images. Congrats Kyle + Sarah!

 photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-1.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-2.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-3.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-4.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-6.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-7.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-8.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-9.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-10.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-11.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-12.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-13.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-14.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-15.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-16.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-17.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-18.jpg  photo brookecourtney_kylesarah-19.jpg