Aaron + Michaela

Aaron + Michaela's wedding was what I can only describe as a musical-explosion. It was awesome. Both the happy couple and many of their guests hail from Nashville... so yea, I guess we should have expected it. It rained the first half of their day, but I had faith that the sun would come out eventually and it did! Michaela wore her Grandmother's dress and it was just perfect for her!

But back to the music, I swear every single person at that reception could sing just as beautifully as the last. Every time I turned around a new guest was up front, rocking the mic. The evening ended with Michaela singing a song to Aaron that she wrote for him. It was beautiful and romantic and I'm pretty sure everyone was crying. Someday when she's famous and her songs are No. 1 on iTunes you'll know why were were all crying. Happy-love tears of course!

Enjoy! -Brooke

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